For every business deal, there is always an offer price and a counter offer. Once you present your price, it is left for the other party to make a counter of what you presented.Though not everyone does this. Some just agree with your price.For those who do not, the negotiation could go a little back and forth till you both arrive at a point where both of you think it is fair for all parties involved and equivalent to the mutual value you both are bringing to the table. If not both of you part ways. Nothing no spoil, nothing rotten.So,I was discussing with a friend today who is a graphic designer in Nigeria. He told me about someone who contacted him for a job and he gave his fee upon request by this person who needed his services, this person hasn’t replied his message for a week now.He was asking what me he should do, write him a 3rd time to remind him, since they had already discussed everything and had even done a WBS(Work Break Down Structure) and a timeline for scheduled deliveries or forget about him and move on ?Drawing from my experience I told him, when charging your fee sometimes you want to go a little bit higher than your normal rates, because some blacks for the most in my experience unlike westerners will argue the price down to the lowest level they can get. You starting high gives you a little upper hand in negotiating especially when you have a reputation for doing good work no matter how small that reputation is, you have to LEVERAGE it to your advantage.Unless you know this person very well then you give your standard rates to them.Secondly, If you give someone your price and they do not return or give a counter offer even after getting to them twice, It is best to leave them alone because you might instead be seen as a nuisance. You are better off dedicating that time to getting better in other areas around your skillset which need work.People always know what they want. Don’t chase them they will come around If they really want to.Know that sometimes people get into shops take a look at the articles on display, some even mearsure them If they are things like shoes but finally buy a similar item elsewhere. There is no need to feel bad or get personal about this It’s all part of the game. Be rest assured It will always happen as long as you’re selling something, be it product or services.But what should never do is show desperation, no matter how badly you need the money. It’s OK to be desperate but never OK showing it.Boy! at a certain point in life we all become desperate for something but whatever case may be, NEVER show anyone how desperate you are, it may be used against you.It makes you look like someone who doesn’t believe in what they are doing or the value they provide with their services.Take your time when dealing with people but don’t waste your time.I concluded by telling him “My nigga, In life you sometimes you WIN some and other times you LOOSE allow the client to go”LIFE GOES ON.How do you respond ?

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