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ZOTECH Company Ltd. exists to bring digital solutions to real problems that are encountered daily. We are here to fill a need, to use technology to make lives easier, better, and less stressful. We discovered that Cameroon has a huge digital loophole and that we are so many leagues behind the developed nations in technological development. While they are in the era of electric cars, space travel, and constructing hotels in the skies, we are still beginning to warm up to the idea of cranes and in-vitro fertilization.

ZOTECH Company Ltd identified this slow pace at which Africa at large and Cameroon, in particular, is running on life’s digital tracks and that is why we decided to stand up, take the baton and run with the rest of the world to the ease they enjoy as a result of technological advancement.

 In the past, people would trek for thousands of kilometers to send letters through the post offices to their loved ones or to pass important pieces of information across different areas of the globe. Today, however, thanks to technology, with one click on your mobile phone, you can send a message to thousands of people simultaneously, in different parts of the world in under a minute.

People used to ride on horseback or use canoes to be transported across borders in the days of old. I imagine how sore their thighs must have felt after several kilometers of riding on horseback or how much danger they must have been exposed to, sailing kilometers in canoes. In our today, thanks to technology, you can sit comfortably in an air-conditioned car, bus, train, or plane and cross multiple borders in a matter of minutes or hours. 

Technology has brought us microwaves, air conditioners, washing machines, electronic calculators, elevators,television sets, blenders, refrigerators, heaters, and the list goes on and on. All of which have made our lives easier, and saved us so much time, money, and lots of energy.

 As advanced as we are already, there is still so much we can leverage from technology if we just open our hearts to it. This article is to tell you about one of those miracles of technology, it is to present to you an invitation to partake in enjoying the solution to a problem that has lingered for far too long.

  Two weeks ago, a young man travelled from the North to Buea in order to collect his certificate, which he had to submit for a very important scholarship application whose deadline was almost due. He arrived there very early in the morning, dashed to the records office of his university, and after about four hours of waiting, he received his certificate, only for him to find out that his name had been misspelled and some of his courses had been accorded the wrong grade. I know you want to hastily curse the records officer of said institution, and rightfully so, but can you imagine how daunting managing information for thousands of students can be?

As much as efficiency is the goal, human limitations are a reality and the only way we can ensure 100% efficiency in managing an entire school, populous church, company or organization, is by embracing and implementing the use of technology. 

ZOTECH Company Ltd has fashioned a digital management technology, which is capable of segmenting and accurately managing whole systems. It goes a long way to eliminate all the errors, time, energy, and money spent in the traditional and mundane manual handling of records and keeping track of information for many persons. 

Their first client, who can attest to the breeze of relief that this system has offered to them on a platter of gold is the Institute of Industrial Reformation in Douala, Cameroon. They are the first benefactors of this durable and profitable investment. ZOTECH just fashioned a school management system for this institution that is accessible and beneficial to everyone affiliated with them; administrators, teachers, students, and their parents. 

The Administrators can use this system to;

-Manage the accounts of the various users of the system

-Manage classes and courses

-Manage class timetables

-Manage exams and grades

-Manage school attendances

-Manage school events 

While the teachers’ work load has been highly diluted by their ability to use the system to;

-Manage students

-Manage exam marks

-Provide study material to students

-Manage attendances

Students can have a sigh of relief as their lives are now a billion times easier. From the system, they can;

-Get class routines

-Get their exam marks

-Get information on their attendance status

-Obtain study materials such as soft copy notes

-Pay for course materials or even school fees online

-Directly communicate with their lecturers for follow-up questions or suggestions.

Parents are not left out of the benefits equation as they can use this system too, to;

-Access information on their children’s school attendance details

-Get payment invoices, pay and obtain receipts all online

-Get children’s class routines

-Communicate directly with their students’ lecturers.

  The above and many more are the enormous packages that have transformed the lives of the record officers, administrators, lecturers, students, and parents affiliated with the Institute of Industrial Reformation in Douala. Students can now confidently sit from where they are, and get absolutely accurate information on their performances in minutes. This has greatly helped them catch up with deadlines and has saved so much time and money. Teachers have so much load lifted off their shoulders and parents can be accurately in tune with their children’s academic journey.

  I’ve never understood anyone who would choose the stress of the stairs instead of the comfort of the elevator. They are in the same category as the people who will, after reading this article, still choose the mundane and very faulty traditional management method of system coordination, instead of embracing the ease that comes with this technology. I hope you choose wisely, a partnership with ZOTECH Company Ltd. is a wise choice.

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