A Haven for Freelancers

Finding a suitable, easy to use freelance platform has been a long standing issue for a good number of freelancers around the world. According to the part of the world in which they find themselves, freelancers have often been left frustrated by the demands of certain platforms in order for them to become part, or been ineligible altogether due in part to factors such as the accepted methods of payment not being available in their country of residence or special lengthy procedures required to collect their wages upon completion of their work.

Who is a freelancer?

   A freelancer is an independent person who earns their wages(makes money) on a per-job or per-task basis typically for short term work(as little as a few hours to as much as a few weeks depending on the job type). We could refer to them as short-term service contractors as their services are solicited for a period of time and they then get paid once the task is completed.

They usually work in creative, skilled or service sectors such as film making, art, graphic design, editing, copywriting, proof-reading, marketing, music, acting, journalism, video editing and production, illustration, consultancy, web development, computer programming, event planning, photography, language translation, tutoring, catering etc.

As a solution to the frustrations of freelancers who’ve found themselves in any of the aforementioned situations, we bring you workamnow.

What is Workamnow?

    Workamnow is a freelance market pool. This means it is a home, a market, a meeting space for freelancers and businesses, or individuals in need of various services. It is a platform that was fashioned by 3 Cameroonian software developers to enable freelancers to showcase their services to businesses worldwide, even from the comfort of their homes. On workamnow, you can find freelancers offering a variety of digital services under categories, some of which are: business, digital marketing, graphics and design, lifestyle, online tutoring, programming and IT, video and audio, writing and translation. 

    Clients and skilled personnel converge on this platform and payment is completely secure and done digitally. Funds are disbursed by clients immediately a gig is assigned to a freelancer but are only released to the said freelancer upon completion of the job to the client’s satisfaction.

    This platform was birthed to address a pertinent complaint channelled by freelancers who had sold their services on other freelance marketplaces but for some reason faced difficulties in getting their wages. Some of them had complained that their money got stuck in the system or they were unable to sign up to offer their services because they didn’t have visa cards or active bank accounts. 

Workamnow is a friendlier alternative wherein payments can be made directly through Mobile money, Orange money, PayPal or Express Union mobile as well as direct bank transfers, hence making it accessible for every fitting freelancer from anywhere in the world. Are you a skilled individual with an array of expertise and talents but no grounds for expression? Workamnow is the place for you. Quit idling, quit stalling, jump on workamnow and get paid by doing gigs excellently with your own price quotas.

   In need of a service? An assignment, a logo, proofreading, translation etc. and don’t have the time or ability to do it? On Workamnow, you can find skilled individuals in virtually any domain you could think of. If you are a seller or buyer interested in either marketing your skills or finding professionals to handle tasks for you, workamnow is the place for you. Visit www.workamnow.com and sign up for free. You’ll be glad you did.