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Why Your Business Needs A Website


The world is largely a global village hence the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises carving a niche on the global map is no longer a debate-worthy argument. The web has the most extensive reach in our very digitalized world and having a professional website is at the pinnacle of every business’ online presence.

The fact that you got to know a lot of the things you know, by googling them and that, big names like SpaceX, Tesla, Amazon, Forbes, etc. have a seat at the online table should cause you to give serious thought to securing your seat by obtaining a professional business website.

It has been found out that 81% of shoppers do research online before they make any purchase, so picture the shocking look on a prospective client’s face when they hear a whisper about your business, and hungrily search for your website, for more information about your business and they find nothing.

It was discovered that 44 to 51% of small businesses don’t own a website. As unbelievable as that sounds, it could account for one of the reasons why they are still attributed as small. Could it be that one of the reasons most people keep shopping online only from the big and popular brands is that small business owners are not marketing and promoting their business enough on the global stage? 93% of business decisions start from the search engine hence no website, equals you selling to just 7% of your market. For heaven’s sake, why would you limit your sphere of influence so much? “Shebi you no like growth ni”?

This article is for you if you are still on the fence; if after having read this, you don’t think your business still needs a website for better brand visibility, I rest my case! However, if you do have a change of heart, I know the right doctor fitting enough to give your business, organization, or entity its much-needed leap.

So why does your business need a website?

  • Credibility:

   Nothing spells credibility for a business like a website. Imagine NASA not having a website, or say you hear of the name Dangote Cement for the first time, rush out of breath to Google, search, and then “no results” are displayed? It’s even hard to picture altogether; it sounds lame and that’s exactly how every client feels when they are served no results after searching for your business website. Potential clients search the internet to look before they leap, there’s been one too many, stories of scams and unscrupulous business dealings. Your website bridges the first bar of doubt, it is like a first date that will help clients conclude if they want to be in a relationship with you, not to talk of tangle in your sheets.

   Just like you, this was no big deal for me until when I applied for international scholarships. In one of my applications, I quoted that I worked with a certain non-governmental organization in my country. When the university I applied to could not find the said organization’s website, they immediately concluded that I was a rogue and tossed my applications out the window. Do you now see how costly not having a professional website could be for you and your fellow business associates? The above incident is one of many unfortunate testimonials of the power of a business or organizational website so consider creating one today to concretize your credibility as a business or organization.

  • Sell Your Business Story:

   A business website is an opportunity for you to sell your narrative for your business. In a world where bloggers will jump at nothing to sell rumors to the highest bidder and where comments are sometimes not so objective, potential clients may stumble on false narratives, and without your website to correct them and propel your truth, you leave them no choice but to believe what they are fed.

However, if you have a website, they’ll simply look you up and have an uninfluenced view of your business. Your website showcases your brand to your prospective customers, telling them exactly who you are, what you represent, and what you stand for.

  • 24/7 Accessibility:

Your website is alive and active, it never sleeps nor slumbers. Even when for one reason or the other, you can’t answer phone calls, emails, or check comments, your website is always available. It is always accessible to everyone, in every part of the world, and at every point in time. It has no holidays, no break periods, it takes no sick leave and from it, clients can immediately find out about everything they need to know about doing business with you.

  • Generating Leads:

You know how, when you Google fried rice, several options are displayed right? Having a website will give you a lead, it will make you one of those other options any time someone, anywhere in the world searches for affiliation to your business. Depending on how good your web page is, they just might fall in love with you and become your next bank-breaking client. There’s no way you can have the organic traffic leads bring as a business owner if your business has no website.

  • Marketing:

A business website is a powerful, relatively low-cost marketing tool. When the duration for radio announcements is elapsed and WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram stories disappear, your business website will still be standing tall. It can make or break for generating revenue and it is the final bus- stop from every conduit of content, communication, or advertisement you post online for your business. Having a website makes it so easy to spread the word about your business when people are searching for it. With a single web link, you can tell a million people at a go, all your business is about.

  • Communication:

Your website is a powerful communication tool between you and potential clients. On your website, you can post updates and announcements that keep your clients on their toes and abreast with your journey. New arrivals, price modifications, and even discounts can be communicated through your website to a global audience. When your business website contains road maps, information about your delivery schedules, and even your price lists, it saves you so much time and energy that you would have spent receiving incessant calls, explaining these details to prospective clients. A professional business website is an easily accessible data center for your business.

  • Widening Your Scope:

A lot of small business owners especially in Cameroon are extremely comfortable with the small niche they have carved out for themselves. It’s usually, basically WhatsApp status, Instagram, and Facebook stories. The day you don’t post on these platforms, everyone temporarily forgets you exist. No one knows of your products and services except your family and friends, a gravely narrow scope that limits your potential of becoming the next big thing. A website could be the only thing standing between you and Elon Musk, it is the bridge between local and international so don’t sweat it for much longer.

   I hope that the above points have been able to convince and not confuse you on why you need a professional website for your business, that you now get that a website is a need of the hour, a game-changer that will set your business ever soaring. It is an investment, a very worthy one that you will break even on, even before you know it. There’s never been a better or more important time to invest in a website than the times we are in.

 I also really hope by now, the question has changed from “Do I need a website for my business?” to “How can I get a website for my business ASAP?”. To that very essential new question, I have the answer for you, ZOTECH Company Ltd is the place for you to get professionals in web development to handle this for you. They specialize in buying business seats at the global web table, with their digital expertise so you should consider after reading this, to rush and secure your candidacy on their lists, so you too can be included on their long list of testimonial businesses.

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